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Tandoori Namoone (Specialties From The Charcoal Clay Oven)
Chicken Tandoori $12.95
Spring chicken marinated in yogurt, fresh spices & lemon, then barbecued over flaming charcoal in the Tandoor.
Chicken Tikka $12.95
Tender boneless pieces of chicken subtly flavoured with spices & barbecued on a skewer in the Tandoor.
Malai Kebab $13.95
Mild, tasty, tender pieces of chicken, marinated in special spices & cream before being barbecued on a skewer in the Tandoor.
Chicken Tadka $14.95
Fresh chicken barbecued in the Tandoor with onions, bell peppers & Indian spices, served on a skewer.
Seekh Kebab $12.95
Ground chicken marinated with herbs and spices, then broiled on skewers over charcoal in the Tandoor.
Lamb Tava $14.95
Tender morsels of lamb marinated in our Chef’s special recipe, then broiled in the Tandoor.
Tandoori Shrimp $16.95
Fresh, king-size shrimp, gently seasoned and slowly broiled over charcoal in the Tandoor.
Vegetable Kebab $11.95
Assorted ground vegetables formed into balls, marinated with herbs and spices and fried until golden.